Happy and Safe Christmas

Hi all,

jbplumbing will be operating through the Christmas period. If there are any plumbing issues or you are in need of a dogman, rigger or spotter. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a happy and safe xmas period from all @ jbplumbing.


Leak Detection


Great sunny days are coming.

jbplumbing is doing well. As a part of jbplumbing/labour hire we will now be offering Leak detection as a part of our business. If you have a leak and it is under the house slab or in a wall we can now find this without digging up your whole back yard. We can pin point this with a device called a LEAK DETECTOR it works off high frequency sound and it can detect the hiss and hoof of a leaking pipe. Ideal if you think your bills are to high or if your pool has a leak. Water is precious commodity we need to take care of and use wisely.

Look froward to keeping your water bills down.




jb Labour Hire

Hi all,

Starting a new venture jb Labour Hire to go with the plumbing. There is a niche market in the district for this. We have started to train @ The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre, having worked in construction for 20 years. We have the experience and capabilities, we will be offering for hire H/C Licensed drivers, H/Bus Licensed drivers, working with children checks, traffic control, level 2 first aider, dogman, riggers, 20 tonne crane operator, ewp ticketed  personnel, spotters, excavtor drivers, front end loader drivers, confined space entry and plumber/gasfitter. jb labour hire will be fully insured have our own SWMS/JSA and be OHS compliant.

jbplumbing is progressing well. We are starting to have our name recognized. Through word of mouth and some small time advertizing.

Have been working in Portland/Heywood @ your Local IGA installing some new G.I.T,s and drains for some new cooking facilities. This is ongoing work.

Camperdown Road House Caltex Service station, new commercial kitchen and toilet facilities.

Tarrone Quarries installing new facilities for a wash down lab.

Wood heaters are still a hit with the cold still about, but nice sunny days. Still lots of maintenance to do pumps, electric HWS and spouting.



Happy Days

John Brooks



jbplumbing is still on the go. jb is moving ahead with a fair bit of work ahead. From installing heaters in Pt Fairy, to a commercial kitchen in Camperdown.

Looking forward to breaking into the clean energy sector. Hope fully gain some work on a Power station or the hot rocks projects.

Have picked up some work with the Department of Housing. We are starting to have our business set up for this kind of work. Our insurances, OHS manuals up to date, trade qualifications kept up to date through Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre. Currently enrolled to do gas conversions, Level 2 first aid refresher and 5 one day green plumbing courses.

We are starting a house where the client is making the house design and construct. With a limited budget we are working together to deliver a green conscious home. Will keep you posted with some pics as we go ahead.


New Blog

Hi All,

Just started my new blog for jbplumbing will be able to keep you up to date on the comings and goings. Will be adding photo’s of jbplumbings work as we go along and keep you posted on the work we are doing at the moment, what is hot (not much at the moment).               At the moment we are installing a lot of solid fuel wood heaters, redoing a lot of spouting do to the resent weather conditions. Have just completed a big roof. Stopping water leaks into the house.

Remember to have your heater serviced for the winter months. Making sure it is functioning correctly. We do not want any of those nasty gases entering where they should not be.





Jobs Recently Completed

Hi everyone and welcome to my online blog. I will be keeping you updated on jobs that I complete and any other interesting information.

I recently completed a roof installation. My first step was finding a balance between maximum functionality, matching style, and of course budget. I considered all the roof installation details and then got to work. The roof was completed in a couple of weeks, which allowed the tentants to have a holiday and return to a brand new roof, and an updated look.

Keep your eyes posted for my next project.