Back Flow Prevention

JB Plumbing install, test and service all makes and models. They will ensure your device complies with all relevant regulations and will provide a 12 month maintenance schedule for back flow prevention.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Contact JB Plumbing today to have your thermostatic mixing valves installed, tested or serviced. They can also provide a twelve month maintenance schedule.

General Plumbing

Whether you are building or renovating, JB Plumbing can complete all of your plumbing work.

Gas Fitting

JB Plumbing are licensed for the installation, servicing and maintenance of all appliances. Gas fitting lines are sized to your requirements.

Green Plumbing

We can design and install green plumbing solutions to your requirements. These may be water tanks, dual flush toilets connected to your tanks and installing solar hot water. Let us save you water, energy and money. JB Plumbing have completed training provided by P.I.C.A.C (Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre).

Blocked Drains & Drain Cleaning

Blocked drains can be any ones worst nightmare. Why try to handle such a messy job yourself, when you can call on JB Plumbing who have all the equipment to do a fast and effective job without the mess!


You often hear of people flooded during a downpour of rain. This is generally caused by gutters that are blocked by debris. JB plumbing can clean your gutters and can also ensure your gutters remain free from anything but pristine rain water (directed straight to your tanks).

Leaky Pipes

Everyone knows how annoying a dripping tap is! And what about the waste of our precious resource - water? Don't waste another drop, and contact JB Plumbing today to end that dripping tap!

Blocked Sewers

This is definitely a job for the professionals. JB Plumbing will get down and dirty!

Hot Water Service Installation and Maintenance

Time to upgrade your existing hot water service, or maybe your existing system can be improved to ensure longer hot water. JB Plumbing know what to do.

All employees have there own insurance, PPE, licenses, accreditations and equipment.
No hassle you ring and we supply the labour.

Contact JB Plumbing today for an obligation free quote.